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The One Skill You Should Learn Right Now to Buy Real Estate in a Recession with Jeff Stephens

• 39 min

Is the deal worth doing? This is a question we must ask before engaging in a transaction. However, we often chase after things that are not worth our time and later regret it. So how can we save ourselves from such a predicament? Follow the advice of today's guest, Jeff Stephens, to determine if you should move forward with the deal or not.  Jeff is the Founder of The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur and host of the podcast Racking Up Rentals. He is a full-time real estate entrepreneur and real estate investing mentor, coach, and podcaster. Jeff was previously featured in Wealth Without Wall Street Podcast Episode 196 and is here today to continue the conversation. In this episode, Russ and Joey chat with Jeff about buying off-market property without a mortgage. Take advantage of the opportunity to discover the one skill you should learn to succeed in real estate in a recession.  Top 3 Things You’ll Learn: The Magic Seller Relations QuestionThe importance of Negotiation Dynamics Strength-Based Investing   You can also listen to Episode 196 of Wealth Without Wall Street with Jeff Stephens:   About Our Guest: Jeff Stephens has been a full-time entrepreneur since 2003.  He ran a marketing agency for ten years, specializing in brand strategy for community banks and credit unions.  In 2006, Jeff discovered “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” which changed his life.  He immediately began devouring education about real estate investing and quickly bought his first rental property–a triplex in Portland, Oregon. In 2013, Jeff sold his marketing agency and transitioned to full-time real estate entrepreneurship.     Connect with Jeff Stephens: The Thoughtful Real Estate Entrepreneur - Deals Workshop - Join the Inner Circle Live Event on January 6-8, 2023: Take Advantage of a Free Financial Strategy Call:

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