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Why Should I Pay Interest to Borrow My Own Money? in “Becoming Your Own Banker” by Nelson Nash— Book Review Part 3

• 31 min

What This Episode Is About No matter what your business specializes in, you should be applying the example Nelson Nash gives of the grocery store. If you understand the grocery store, then learning how to Become Your Own banker is a piece of cake. Is there an easy application? On this episode, we’re unpacking pages 15-16 of Becoming Your Own Banker and why you should be paying interest to borrow your own money.   Mentioned In This Episode: Nothing happens overnight. Don’t get caught up in how long it takes to turn a profit Stock your shelves with life insurance policies Treat your finances like a business   Free Tax Strategy Webinar: If you want to learn more about the tax strategies discussed in this podcast, register for this free webinar. We’ll take a deep-dive into the various ideas shared and even show you how to factor your estimated tax savings. You won’t want to miss it! Click HERE to register.   Resources: * Nelson Nash’s Book: Becoming Your Own Banker * Video example of Russ explaining the True Cost of Paying Cash vs Using a Whole Life Policy * Nelson Nash’s Website * Schedule a Call with Us * Don’t run out of money webinar coming soon!   *We use affiliate links and if you choose to buy things we might receive compensation from those companies

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