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How to Grow Great Leaders in Your Company w/Cord Sachs

• 41 min

What This Episode Is About Most businesses don’t start investing in their leaders until they realize growth isn’t possible without leadership. How can we create a workspace that maximizes the skills and talents of our employees? Why is it important to invest in our own personal development? How can sharing our background stories with each other build more trust within our company? In this episode, Cord Sachs talks about growing and retaining great leaders by using storytelling.     Mentioned In This Episode: * How storytelling is a step toward building leaders * Why it’s important to create a pleasant workspace * How our behavior patterns get passed on to our team * Why there should be a continuous learning process     Free Tax Strategy Webinar: If you want to learn more about the tax strategies discussed in this podcast, register for this free webinar. We’ll take a deep-dive into the various ideas shared and even show you how to factor your estimated tax savings. You won’t want to miss it! Click HERE to register.   Resources: * Get help growing and scaling your business with FireSeeds * Develop a leadership pipeline with Wildsparq * Schedule a Call with Us * Don’t run out of money webinar coming soon!

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