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29: The Psychology of Trading with David Belle

• 62 min

David Elikwu speaks with David Belle, the founder of Macrodesiac and Director of Growth at TradingView. We talked about: - Why most retail traders lose money - How success leads to destruction - Why Warren Buffet is a great investor - The Magic of Financial Markets People Often Overlook - Why the Crypto Trend Isn't Going Away - How Overlapping Your Skillset Makes You Powerful - The Biggest Skill Differentiator is... - The One Thing You Need to Take an Unconventional Path Connect with David Belle: Twitter: @davidbelle_ @macrodesiac_ Show Notes and Transcript: About David Elikwu: David Elikwu FRSA is a serial entrepreneur, strategist and writer. David is the founder of The Knowledge, a platform helping people learn more and live better. - Twitter: @Delikwu / @itstheknowledge - Newsletter: - Website: - Podcast: Support this podcast at —

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