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25: The Privilege Paradox

• 33 min

The pandemic has unearthed uncomfortable conversations on privilege and its impact on different social groups in uncertain times. However, the experience of privilege isn’t always a negative, but something which we should recognise and have more honest conversations about going forward. // You'll find the show notes/newsletter edition of this episode here: Introduction: the future of learning, the privilege paradox [0:15] Thoughts on how the pandemic disrupts theoretical discussion (Case Studies: Universal Basic Income) [2:02] Case Study: Remote Working [3:55] Case Study: Remote Learning [5:10] The drawbacks of remote learning [7:00] Dispensing of grading and traditional assessments [10:55] The racial biases within the predicted grading system and the disadvantages to black students [12:03] The Birth Lottery: Fortune, Friction, Hope and Luck [15:23] Meritocracy has its merits [16:50] The lack of representation in privilege [18:40] The privilege of living in the modern age, and digital access [20:05] Natural Friction and Manufactured Friction [21:58] How benefit of the doubt is a misallocated resource [24:02] Varying degrees of friction and culture [25:00] The real issue with denying privilege exists [27:00] // If you liked this episode, check out my thought-provoking newsletter full of dry humour and useful resources at: // Keep the conversation going on Twitter at @Delikwu using the hashtag #TheKnowledge Support this podcast at —

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