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Machine learning, Education, Constitution and Startups. - June 10, 2019

• 11 min

Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes weekly. Every update is a little different. If you see something you particularly like, please let me know. Click to see all the top choices for this week in one place. What is in this update? In no particular order:   Business: Why would a multi billion dollar business be suing a small coffee shop, and what does it cost to defend yourself from a frivolous lawsuit? Startups: Working on an idea, are you? What should you validate first? Ryan Hoover from Product Hunt shares his wisdom. It ain't easy. History: What's the big deal with the Second Amendment? Should we all have a gun already? Adam Conover started a new podcast called "Factually!" and on this episode he's invited a guest to talk about the Constitution, gun rights, and other fun history  things. Education: How do you educate your kids if you are a Billionaire? Josh Dahn, the head of Ad Astra, the school founded by Elon Musk, talks about their approach to creative teaching. It's fascinating, and I would almost work for Space X just to have my kids go there, almost. Machine Learning: Microsoft is tired of paying big bucks for data processing and is looking into new ways to do machine learning. They are calling it "Machine Teaching." What is it and why is it so much better?

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