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Management and Storytelling lessons from Tony Fadell - Tim Ferris Show #403

• 9 min

Oh hello there, old friend. Smash Notes podcast is back in business!  Taking notes is a tedious process, and however much I like to give you the best podcast summaries on the internet, I often run out of time. This newest edition of Smash Notes is an attempt to find a middle ground where I can provide the most value you to, while also spend less than a million hours to put it all together.  Stay with me , and I'll find the sweet spot, I promise. Meanwhile, in today's edition is a summary of Tim Ferris's interview with Tony Fadell. I got about 75% through, it was rather long, very long, Tim-Ferris-long. Enjoy the podcast, and hit me up with any ideas at `` Happy Holiday! ~Kirill p.s. No, I am not only doing this to promote 

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