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Vaccines and Healthcare in America - July 1, 2019

• 20 min

In this episode of Smash Notes I am focusing on healthcare, and primarily the cost of care, and how anti-vaccination groups are putting us all in danger. Sounds interesting, come along for the ride! Urgent Care or a Hospital, where should you go? Imagine yourself working with a table saw, a sharp circular blade spinning in the middle. You push a piece of wood through, yawn, and the next thing you know the blade is launched deep into your bone. Yayks!  This is the story from a podcast called “An arm and a leg,” where a woodworker ended up in an emergency room due to a nary accident. Take a listen and find out about American healthcare, and how hospitals and patients are getting creative to pay the bills. How much does your healthcare cost? If you have healthcare, it might be easy to ignore the problems in the system, but did you know that you might be paying a 10x premium, comparing your neighbors. Ted Daily covers an episode where a team called up a bunch of hospitals and found out that not all hospitals, charge the same. Got healthcare, do you? Awesome, if you got healthcare, but that doesn’t mean you will get service. According to another episode of Ted, patients on Medicare could be in big trouble. Some offices refuse to see them, or delay the visits by months. Luckily, at least one doctor has figured out a way. Should children really be vaccinated? Just listen to this story about the world before vaccines, and see for yourself? Also in this episode, answer to whether vaccines are safe, how they work, and more. What’s the problem with people who chose not to vaccinate? TLDR, they may just kill everyone. The good news is, vaccines are very-very-very safe, so there’s hope. That’s it folks, this is it for today. If you are not putting Smash Notes in your ears yet, please subscribe to the podcast. Till next time!

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