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The Portal, The Mob, Advice vs. Encouragement, History of Smash Notes, Photography and what makes the perfect picture - July 31, 2019

• 22 min

Thank you for subscribing to Smash Notes. In this week’s episode: - The story of how a mob forced one entrepreneur on a path of lifetime profitability - Why Science is in danger and how to fix it - The story of how Smash Notes was born - Hiten Shah and Steli Efti advice on giving advice - Christopher Michel on what it takes to capture the perfect image If you have not heard Smash Notes guest segment from last week, check out Stewart Alsop III and his take on a conversation with Peter Thiel. Huge thanks to Donald DeSantis for providing music for this week's episode. In 2018 Donald drove out of NYC with his backcountry skis and a guitar, headed for the Canadian Rockies. He did not know how to play, but with a little help from his friends, Donald started writing, recording and sharing songs with friends. In this episode, you hear his single called Hollywood. You can follow @donalddesantis on Instagram to stay on top of his music. Good night, and good luck! Please subscribe. ~Kirill (@kirillzubovsky) p.s. Do you do probiotics? Great! Do your gut a favor and check out Jetson.

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