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The best in Smash Notes feed on April 8, 2020

• 9 min

Latest from the front lines of Smash Notes feed, your one stop show for new delightful pieces of knowledge, extracted out of your favorite podcasts, and all the podcasts you've never heard of.  Links to each highlighted episode, below. Ryan Petersen from Flexport - freight shipping around the globe and lessons in startups. Ashley Mathews (aka Riley Reid) - from a small town girl to a successful business women. Matthew Walker on Joe Rogan Experience - sleep, drugs and alcohol, and how to get the most of it all. Jeff Morris Jr. on Paradox - angel investing, product, and company building in the age of Covid19 pandemic Marques Brownless (aka MKBHD) - YouTube celebrity explains his craft, and how to break into tech gadget reviews in 2020 Sequoia Capital's Don Valentine - Decades of successful venture investing isn't an accident. This is the Sequoia playbook. Russ Roberts on Economics of Trade and Specialization - Ever wondered why we no longer plant potatoes and make our own cloths? If you'd like to support his podcast, please send your friends to :) See you next time.

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