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Welcome to Friendship IRL

• 2 min

Imagine you could listen in on those unfiltered conversations about what is actually happening inside someone's friendships, community, and support system... How someone navigated a friendship breakup even though they still see that friend often. What does balancing marriage, friends, and family look like, and who is someone calling when they need support? A parent who is wholly overwhelmed but doesn't have any family that lives nearby. Do they need to move back to their hometown? How might they build a support system from friends and the nearby community? Alex Alexander asks the questions we all want to ask and unearths a new way to think about community, friendship, and the support systems we surround ourselves with. "Doing things the way they've always been done" has left us all at our loneliest and most disconnected.  So, ask the questions. Reimagine your relationships. Build yourself a better version. Take the conversation beyond the podcast! Follow Alex on Instagram (@itsalexalexander) or Tiktok (@itsalexalexander), or send her a voice message directly with all your friendship thoughts, problems, and triumphs by heading to and hitting record.  New episodes release weekly on Thursdays. 

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