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Finding Your Purpose Through Friendship With Mark Delaney of The Purpose Mastermind

• 60 min

Need something to light you up today? Maybe some profound advice? Look no further! Today’s episode features Mark Delaney, host of the podcast The Purpose Mastermind. He and his wife Andrea are purpose dealers, which means they spend their lives helping people clarify their purpose into one simple sentence. He says that having something in life that moves us and compels us is at the core of what it is to be human; that we should all be purpose-focused instead of problem-focused; that so many of us don’t live with full expression because of the walls between us and others. He brings so much thought-provoking wisdom in this episode, wisdom that has me analyzing my day-to-day interactions, and he presents the great reminder that friendship is not extracurricular. It’s not only for “people-people.” We are all made for people. In this episode you’ll hear about: Focusing on your past and trying to fix it vs. discovering your purpose and using this to move forwardPowerful, positive relationships vs. negative relationships (as opposed to “positive” or “negative” people)Tweaking the simple things and auditing yourself: are you showing up as yourself or are you putting on a show?The impact of tiny, consistent steps in the right direction instead of big grand gesturesTapping into the people around us to help us with our self-reflection and the clarity that comes with vocalizationResources & Links Learn more about Mark Delaney and his podcast, The Purpose Mastermind. Like what you hear? Visit my website, leave me a voicemail, and follow me on Instagram!  Want to take this conversation a step further? Send this episode to a friend. Tell them you found it interesting and use what we just talked about as a conversation starter the next time you and your friend hang out!

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