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Navigating Friendships When You Decide to Drink Less with Hitha Palepu

• 43 min

From happy hours to bottomless mimosa brunches, many friendships are held together by activities that involve alcohol. Consequently, these friendships are often affected when one party stops drinking. I personally have experienced some big friend group culture shifts when it comes to alcohol. In the beginning, alcohol was the norm, but it’s not anymore. Today’s guest is Hitha Palepu, the CEO of Rhoshan Pharmaceuticals and the author of How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip and We’re Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris. Recently, Hitha posted on Instagram about the impact drinking less has made on her friendships, and today, we talk about this shift. No matter what, it’s helpful to find activities with your friends that do not center around alcohol, so be proactive and find new ways to spend time together. It will only strengthen your friendship in the long run. In this episode you’ll hear about: The normalization and glamorization of alcohol consumption and the reality of what regular drinking does to our bodies and our relationshipsHow many people use alcohol as a social crutch – plus, the barrier it actually creates between friendshipsHitha’s decision to cut back on alcohol, especially at networking events or parties, and the impact that’s made on her home life and overall well-beingHow Hitha has transitioned with her friends into doing other activities together that don’t involve alcohol, from Dry January to coffee walks in the parkTips if you are reevaluating your relationship with alcohol, from creating rules for yourself to finding delicious delicious alcohol-free alternatives Resources & Links: I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy Hitha’s Five Smart Reads; sign up for her newsletter! I also highly recommend both her books: How to Pack: Travel Smart for Any Trip and We’re Speaking: The Life Lessons of Kamala Harris. Check out

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