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Social Wellness in Millennials vs. Boomers, and How This Plays Out in Parental and In-Law Relationships

• 74 min

A year ago, I went on a walk with a friend who’s around the age of my parents. I shared how I wished my parents and in-laws found other people to talk to besides just me. Doing so would not only make them happier – it would take some pressure off, too! At the end of the walk, my friend said she saw herself in my story. And I actually think a lot of people will see themselves in this story. Boomers and Gen X generations were told by society that focusing on careers and families would bring fulfillment. The impact? So many of them don’t have a robust social wellness net. This is an important (and possibly divisive!) topic that we’re talking about today with Janelle, whose online platform tackles motherhood and that sometimes tricky relationship with the in-laws. I hope this episode helps start a conversation about the impact our own social wellness can have on our parents, children, and in-laws – that way, we can put our attention there and work on it. In this episode you’ll hear about: Janelle’s platform, which contains content about motherhood and navigating in-law relationships – how it started, and how it’s goingGenerational expectations and pressure, and how much of this comes from older generations not having strong social wellness situations or hobbiesThe impact of social media on wellness – the good and the bad – for different generations, Gen Z to BoomersThe skill set required to take a friendship out of shared experiences, plus, the importance of modeling friendship for your kidsThe easy ask – asking someone close to you for advice or help, even if they’re not the right person – and how this can weigh heavily on the people we loveThe problem with the “family is family” perspective and creating NEW rules and boundariesResources & Links Follow Janelle on TikTok and visit her page, which is a place for in-law support. Like what you hear? Visit my website, leave me a voicemail, and follow me on Instagram!  Want to take this conversation a step further? Send this episode to a friend. Tell them you found it interesting and use what we just talked about as a conversation starter the next time you and your friend hang out!

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