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[GREATEST HITS] #109: Justin Welsh – How a LinkedIn legend expanded into Twitter and Email

• 62 min

WATCH ▶️ Watch this episode on YouTube *** EPISODE DESCRIPTION Over the last decade, Justin Welsh has helped build two $50M+ ARR companies, teams of 150+ people, and raise over $300M in venture capital. Then, in 2019, he burned out. Now he runs a boutique advisory firm for entrepreneurs and creates digital products for creators. He has 150,000 followers on Twitter, 250,000 followers on LinkedIn, more than 35,000 subscribers to his email newsletter, and has earned more than $2M as a solo creator. In this episode, we talk about his approach to LinkedIn, when he decided it was time to expand to new platforms, why business can be thought of as a game, and why being Autodidactic has helped him grow quickly. Full transcript and show notes Learn more about Justin Welsh Get the Content OS Get the LinkedIn OS Follow Justin Welsh on Twitter / LinkedIn *** TIMESTAMPS 00:00 - Opening 00:13 - Catch up 00:48 - Today’s Guest 01:16 - Justin Welsh by the numbers 01:42 - Beginnings of Justin’s writing career 03:50 - Justin experiences burnout  04:10 - What we learn in this episode 05:00 - Intro 05:18 - Early on people didn’t get it 06:04 - Is LinkedIn a practical place to start writing? 07:34 - Justin’s early experience writing 08:45 - Morning routine post blows up 10:08 - Justin’s starting expectations 11:51 - Is business a game? 17:47 - Record your own podcast with Riverside 19:44 - How to make a great LinkedIn Profile 21:55 - Crafting the perfect LinkedIn headline 25:30 - The Creator Funnel 28:14 - Do platforms suppress content with links? 31:30 - How should people emulate Justin today? 34:30 - Start your own community with Circle 35:41 - Justin’s approach to social media 37:33 - Using LinkedIn to grow on Twitter 40:08 - Using awareness channels to grow 41:15 - People get weird about sales funnels 42:35 - Where are creators falling short? 46:52 - What separates the 5% from the 1%? 47:48 - When do you decide to make something a product? 51:32 - Justin’s course structure and production 54:10 - Does Justin have a team behind him? 55:10 - Justin gets very real about burnout 56:55 - Justin’s approach to networking 59:55 - Reflection *** RECOMMENDED NEXT EPISODE → #170: Justin Welsh Returns *** WHEN YOU'RE READY 📬 Creator Science Newsletter 🚀 Get CreatorHQ (creator operating system) 🧪 Join The Lab (private membership community) 🧞‍♂️ Get a Personalized Offer *** CONNECT 🐦 Connect on Twitter 📸 Connect on Instagram 💼 Connect on LinkedIn 📹 Subscribe on YouTube *** SPONSORS 💼 View all sponsors and offers *** SAY THANKS 💜 Leave a review on Apple Podcasts 🟢 Leave a rating on Spotify Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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