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Redesigning MY sponsorship strategy (feat. Justin Moore).

• 48 min

Justin Moore is a sponsorship coach and the founder of Creator Wizard, a school and community that teaches you how to find and negotiate your dream brand deals. Along with his wife, April, Justin has been a full-time creator for over 8 years and has personally made over $4,000,000 working with brands. He has also run an influencer agency for over 7 years that helped creators earn an additional $3,000,000. Now Justin brings a very unique perspective because not only has he been a creator in the trenches doing sponsorships for years, but by running an agency, he has insider knowledge behind how big brands choose which influencers to partner with and why they pass on others. The conversation you're about to hear is something we recorded for Justin's YouTube channel about a month ago. In 2023, Creator Science earned more than $100,000 in sponsorship alone, but I didn't really have a sponsorship strategy. So in this episode, we changed that completely. Justin helps me see where I'm leaving things on the table. Full transcript and show notes Sponsor Creator Science Justin's Website / YouTube / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIn *** CONNECT šŸ“¬ Subscribe to the newsletter šŸ“« Get my Professional Creator Crash Course (free) šŸ§° Get my full gear list (free) šŸ¦ Connect on Twitter šŸ“ø Connect on Instagram šŸ™ Make a guest or mailbag request šŸ“ Check out our curated Playlists *** SPONSORS šŸ’¼ View all sponsors and offers *** SAY THANKS šŸ’œ Leave a review on Apple Podcasts šŸŸ¢ Leave a rating on Spotify Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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