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Q&A With Jay – Talking about money, managing your time, and trends that I’m seeing.

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You may have heard me say recently that one of my 2024 priorities for this show, the audio show in particular, is to split the recordings about 50/50 between guest interviews and solo episodes. I have been getting such positive feedback on episodes of the show where it's just me doing Q&A or breaking down a specific topic and sharing how I think about it. So today, I'm going to do one of those solo episodes. I have a lot of questions today submitted on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Threads, so we will go through as many as we can. Free professional creator crash course Listen to my recent Mailbag episode Full transcript and show notes *** CONNECT 📬 Subscribe to Creator Science 🧪 Join The Lab 🐦 Connect on Twitter 📸 Connect on Instagram 🎵 Connect on TikTok 🙏 Make a guest or mailbag request 📝 Check out our curated Playlists *** SPONSORS 💼 View all sponsors and offers *** SAY THANKS 📞 Leave me a voicemail 💜 Leave a review on Apple Podcasts 🟢 Leave a rating on Spotify Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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