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Faisal Naru - Bringing BeSci to Organizations for Improvement

• 59 min

Join us to hear: - How using mind maps to better understand the biases in recruitment changed the UK civil service’s approach to talent acquisition in the late 1990s/early 2000s - How reading the book Nudge while in Vietnam, confirmed Faisal’s curiosity and focus on understanding context, culture and behavior - How do you integrate Behavioral Science into organizations and really mainstream it - The importance of data and evidence to advance Behavioral Science as a field - The power of Behavioral Science to change policy and reform in the public or private sector for the benefit of people and business - How the diversity of thought and backgrounds of practitioners in Behavioral Science are helping to improve the field - How the talent pool of young enthusiastic behavioral scientists in academia and private enterprise inspires Faisal about the future of our world and development of the field


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