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Julia Dhar - The business of being busy

• 62 min

In this episode, we have the pleasure of hosting Julia Dhar. As a Partner at the Boston Consulting Group, Julia leads BeSmart, the firm’s Behavioral Economics and Insights initiative. With her background as a behavioral economist, she advocates for the use of behavioral insights to enhance product and service design across public and private organizations. Julia’s extensive experience includes advising and implementing behavior change initiatives across a range of sectors including finance, education, social welfare, and more. During our conversation we explored: - How individuals and organizations can positively influence their own lives and work through the thoughtful application of behavioral science - The business of being busy: discussing the ways in which people disproportionately hide their busyness and the need to identify non-promotable tasks - The challenges of change aversion and the need to ensure that people feel equipped to cope with change and keep up with a constantly evolving world - Human-centric and science-informed approach to change management We conclude by discussing Dhar’s hopeful vision for a world in which organizations prioritize the humans that will be changing, rather than the systems and processes that need to change, and the importance of strong connections between academic and business communities To learn more about Dhar and her work, visit Home - BCG Henderson Institute. Join the conversation and share your thoughts about this podcast on Twitter @BVANudgeConsult. Don’t have social media? Our inbox is always open at contact@bvanudgeconsulting.com. BCG Henderson Institute.com Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.


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