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Uri Gneezy - The Incentives Design

• 53 min

Listen in on our conversation with Uri Gneezy, a professor of Economics and Strategy at the Rady School of Management, UC San Diego, and an expert in designing behavioral science-based incentives. Uri is the author of the recently published book, Mixed Signals: How Incentives Really Work, which explores how incentives really work in the real world. In this episode, Uri tells us about the key elements at work in incentive design and his real-life experience influencing behaviors. He has worked with a variety of companies to help them define the right incentives to change the behavior of their audiences, always putting good intentions at the core of the approach. During the conversation, we explored:  - Why incentives are not just incentives, but signals that convey information - How incentives are social - Why behavioral science is the key ingredient to design effective incentives - How to avoid creating the wrong incentives - Real-life examples of how to change consumer, employee, and citizen behavior To learn more about Uri and his work, visit Uri Gneezy Official Site (gneezy.com).  Let us know what you think on Twitter @BVANudgeConsult.  Don’t have social media? Our inbox is always open at contact@bvanudgeconsulting.com . Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.


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