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Writing for Busy Readers - Todd Rogers

• 39 min

🎙️ In this episode, we're excited to welcome Todd Rogers, co-author of the insightful book, Writing for Busy Readers. Known for his groundbreaking research leveraging behavioral science to enrich communication, Todd's expertise has earned national acclaim. As a distinguished professor of public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and co-founder of social enterprises, the Analyst Institute and EveryDay Labs, Todd shares a wealth of knowledge about the transformative power of effective communication. During this conversation, we’ll explore: 📖Factors that influence reading comprehension  🚀Strategies to achieve clarity and better reader engagement  💡 Real-world examples of effective communication strategies     To learn more about Rogers and his work visit his website at www.writingforbusyreaders.com. Interested in receiving feedback firsthand? Try the “AI for Busy Readers” tool to enhance your writing skills using OpenAI’s GPT-4.     Join the conversation and share your thoughts about this podcast on Twitter @BVANudgeConsult. Don’t have social media? Our inbox is always open at contact@bvanudgeconsulting.com.   Hosted by Ausha. See ausha.co/privacy-policy for more information.


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