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Creating the Perfect Tiny Kitchen: FOTILE’s Micro Appliances for the Tiny House Lifestyle

• 31 min

This episode features special guest, Jason Gastman, the new business development manager for FOTILE America. We discuss Jason's role in bringing FOTILE appliances into the mainstream markets, making them a premier choice for appliances with premium retailers, architects, and builders. Jason has been focusing on providing high quality appliances such as hoods, ovens, and cooktops to the tiny house community and upscale compact living spaces. One of their standout products is the in-sink dishwasher, which has gained popularity in the tiny home and ADU builder markets due to its compact, ergonomic, and energy efficient design. We'll be talking about the challenges of promoting these products and how FOTILE sets itself apart from other brands in terms of quality, design, and innovative features. In This Episode: 🔍 Research and Development: FOTILE’s innovative approach to appliances, focusing on solving kitchen problems and investing in unique product features.🏠 Tiny Home Market: High-quality compact appliances designed specifically for small living spaces.🌍 Global Success: Over 30 million families worldwide enjoying their range of appliances, including the revolutionary in-sink dishwasher.📈 Brand Competition: FOTILE aims to overcome challenges in a competitive market by providing superior products.💡 Unique Features: FOTILE offers innovative features not found in basic competitor models.🚿 Compact Dishwashing: The in-sink dishwasher offers quick, energy-efficient wash cycles, saving space and time in compact kitchens.🗽 Expanding Presence: FOTILE is expanding its presence with a focus on mainstream retailers.🔬 Quality and Design: FOTILE differentiates itself through a commitment to high-quality manufacturing and design.This Week's Sponsor: FOLTILE: FOTILE’s new two-in-one in-sink dishwasher is bringing convenience back into your tiny lifestyle. It's a dishwasher built into a sink and perfect for tiny house living. The efficient design saves cabinet space and fits perfectly into a standard 36 inch cabinet base, making it ideal for tiny homes. But it's not just about saving space, it is also about saving time and water with a quick twenty minute wash cycle, saving nearly 50% of the water a regular dishwasher would consume. FOTILE is offering Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast listeners a special extended five year limited warranty. Visit us.fotileglobal.com/thlp to learn more and purchase your FOTILE two-in-one in-sink dishwasher today. Disclaimer: 5-Year warranty is exclusive for THLP listeners. To register, customer must register their product warranty on FOTILE website, and enter "thlp" as purchase channel to be eligible. Support the show Listen. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Apple Podcasts Spotify More... Follow Ethan. Mastodon Instagram Pinterest Facebook Want to say 'thank you' for the show? Buy me a coffee!

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