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Reinventing Your Closet: 33 Items for 3 Months

• 37 min

Interested in trying out minimalism without committing to downsizing all of your stuff? This week, author and minimalist lifestyle expert, Courtney Carver, shares her insights on the benefits of living with less. We dive into how simplifying our lives creates time and space and discuss the basics of Project 333, a minimalist fashion challenge that allows people to get started with living simply without over-committing. Whether you're new to the concept of minimalism or looking for inspiration to continue on your journey, this episode is packed with valuable tips and resources to help you create a life of abundance with fewer possessions, work smarter, not harder, and experience the life-changing power of simplicity. Full show notes and images at thetinyhouse.net/265 In This Episode: Courtney’s journey to a simpler lifeHow to get started with Project 333Living with less creates both time and spaceDeciding whether to rent or ownThe power of virtual communities This Week's Sponsor: ATOMIC Homes    Are you looking for a fully customizable tiny home that's stylish, comfortable, and extremely well-built? Look no further than the VIA tiny homes by ATOMIC Homes. With over two decades of experience constructing sets for live events  for top brands like The SuperBowl and WWE, ATOMIC is bringing their technical expertise to the tiny home market. The homes themselves are designed by Liv-Connected, a team of architects and designers, these homes are fully customizable and come in three finish levels: Standard, Modern or Farmhouse. Add a bonus loft space, built-in storage, washer/dryer units, or even a fireplace. The VIA Park Model RV is engineered to ANSI 119.5 standards and built with truly innovative techniques for increased stability, quality and comfort. If lack of financing has kept you out of a tiny home in the past, ATOMIC Homes  has you covered with conventional financing options available. Visit ATOMICTinyHomes/THLP to customize your design today. Thank you so much to ATOMIC Homes for sponsoring our show! Support the showListen. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Google Podcasts More... Follow Ethan. Mastodon (my favorite!) Instagram Pinterest Facebook Want to say 'thank you' for the show? Buy me a coffee!

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