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Conquering Family Clutter

• 40 min

Organization is one little piece of the minimalism and simplicity movement and this week’s guest is an expert! Amanda Clark, owner of Ever So Organized, brings us tips, techniques, and wisdom she’s learned from helping over 100 families per year. In this interview, we discuss general clutter, principles of minimalism, common decluttering roadblocks, and Amanda shares her favorite organizing products! Full show notes and images at thetinyhouse.net/261 In This Episode: Amanda’s organizing process in a nutshellIs your clutter taking your energy?When to hire a pro vs when to DIY your organizingDecluttering roadblocks and how to get past themTiny with kids? Games that make cleaning funSupport the showListen. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Google Podcasts More... Follow Ethan. Mastodon (my favorite!) Instagram Pinterest Facebook Want to say 'thank you' for the show? Buy me a coffee!

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