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The Girls’ Guide To Off-Grid Living

• 52 min

  Amanda Kovattana is a 6-year veteran of tiny house living who lives completely off-grid in the drought-ridden landscape of Northern California. In this conversation, we get a sense of all of the ingenious systems that Amanda has developed to live tiny comfortably while also working within the bounds of the resources she has - including an interesting way of collecting rainwater. During the course of the conversation, I also learned about the alternative to a composting toilet that Amanda uses called Bokashi, which is a fermentation method she’s very knowledgeable about. Full show notes and images at thetinyhouse.net/257 In This Episode:  Simple and effective water catchment systemComposting toilets and BokashiFun furniture and storageWater conservation in dry areasInnovating and iterating systems that work This Week's Sponsor: PODX Go  Are you looking for a compact and affordable way to streamline your lifestyle? PODX Go’s meticulously designed tiny home expands from a trailer to a 364-square-foot home with just the push of a button. Certified by NOAH and build to ANSI119.5 standards, the Grande S1 is towable with an F250 or equivalent. The PODX GO home is 99% factory built with healthy and eco-friendly materials, so you can rest easy knowing your home is taking care of you and the environment. It features a fully fitted kitchen, bedroom, bath, and living room with ingenious storage spaces throughout. PODX Go has even partnered with Renogy solar systems, so you can live off-grid or reduce your energy bills. POD X Go has launched its crowdfunding campaign with special pricing starting from just $49,000 dollars. Visit PodXGo.com to watch a video of the S1 unfold, and to get the crowdfunding launch discount. Thank you so much to Pod X Go for sponsoring our show.  Support the showListen. Subscribe. Rate. Review. Apple Podcasts Spotify Stitcher Google Podcasts More... Follow Ethan. Mastodon (my favorite!) Instagram Pinterest Facebook Want to say 'thank you' for the show? Buy me a coffee!

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