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17: Therapy, community, and digital self-care with Seyi Akiwowo

• 65 min

This week I was joined by campaigner and activist Seyi Akiwowo. She is the founder and director of Glitch, a non-profit campaigning to end online abuse. We talked about the importance of therapy and community leadership, Seyi's political journey as Newham's youngest counsellor, and the responsibility of Big Tech in dealing with online abuse. This was such an important conversation to have, especially now that most of our lives have been migrated online. If you find our conversation useful please do share it with a friend! Glitch is running online workshops on digital self-care and you can sign up at: // If you liked this episode, check out my thought-provoking newsletter full of dry humour and useful resources at: // Keep the conversation going on Twitter at @Legendofbaba using the hashtag #TheKnowledge // You can find Seyi on social media at: @seyiakiwowo. Support this podcast at —

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