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Nikki Parkinson



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Cherie's Journey Through Unexpected Separation: How to Survive & Thrive

• 24 min

After wanting an amicable divorce from her coercive controlling ex-husband, Cherie discovers that her only option to protect her and her daughter requires her to summon her inner strength, resilience and perseverance. "Take a deep breath, slow down, do the research and find the right person to fit your situation - there are plenty of options out there!" Cherie is a woman who experienced a sudden separation from her husband of 14 years and is navigating the challenges of coparenting and financial settlement. She is a strong advocate for taking time to research and find the right resources for a successful separation. She had trusted her husband with full control of their finances, not realising it was a red flag. When she realised the situation she was in financially, she panicked and went into finding a lawyer instead of taking her time. With the help of her village, she set strong boundaries and took care of herself with small tasks like a walk around the block or a five minute meditation. Taking her time and listening to the advice she found, Cherie was finally able to be strong and make it work for her daughter. In this episode, Nikki and Cherie discuss:  1. Managing Coercive Control in a Marriage Breakdown 2. Practical Tips for Navigating a Difficult Separation 3. Overcoming Emotional Challenges During Divorce. Resources: Need help to navigate your separation or divorce? Join our community here Connect with me: Instagram: Facebook:  LinkedIn:  Website:  Loved this episode? Leave us a review and 5-star rating. Host: Nikki Parkinson. Divorce Doula, Coach, TEDx Speaker and Founder of The Divorce and Separation Hub. Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.

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