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Breaking Generational Patterns: Understanding Epigenetics in Divorce and Separation with Johanna Lynn

• 18 min

In this week's episode, Nikki chats with Johanna Lynn from the Family Imprint Institute. Johanna and Nikki explore the captivating concepts of epigenetics and neuroplasticity and their profound impact on our relationships and parenting. Together, they uncover valuable insights on breaking toxic cycles, recognising patterns, and creating positive change for ourselves and future generations. Nikki and Johanna dive into: Epigenetics and Neuroplasticity; Understanding Family Patterns: The role of epigenetics in shaping our inherited traits. Exploring neuroplasticity and its potential for transformation. Uncovering the influence of family patterns on our relationships. The Three-Generation Geneagram: Using the genealogical tool to detect patterns within families. Gaining insights into our own history and pain. Understanding how inherited traits can impact our relationships. Personal Healing and Breaking Toxic Cycles: Embracing personal growth to break toxic patterns. Recognising our own contributions to separation and divorce. Healing emotional wounds to rebuild trust in ourselves. Understanding Each Other's History and Pain: The power of empathy and compassion in relationships. Exploring the profound impact of understanding our partner's experiences. Creating space for healing and transformation. Learning and Unlearning: Embracing Valuable Lessons: The opportunity for growth and self-discovery during separation and divorce. Unlearning harmful behaviors and embracing healthier alternatives. Nurturing personal and relationship development. Taking Care of Ourselves: Navigating Difficult Times: The importance of self-care and self-compassion. Strategies for navigating the challenges of separation and divorce. Building resilience and embracing personal well-being. It's an enlighting episode where we explore the healing journey from separation and divorce, through understanding family patterns, addressing emotional wounds, and embracing change, we can create lasting transformations in ourselves and our relationships. Remember, by taking care of ourselves, we pave the way for healthier connections and nurture future generations.  Host: Nikki Parkinson, TEDx Speaker, Divorce Doula, Coach and Founder of The Divorce and Separation Hub. Connect with Nikki Parkinson here Website Instagram Facebook Linkedin Join our Divorce and Separation community HERE. Watch Nikki's TEDx Talk HERE. Guest: Johanna Lynn Website Instagram Facebook Linkedin Pinterest Youtube Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.

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