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A Guys Guide to Divorce with Siobhan Mullins

• 18 min

In this episode Nikki Parkinson engages in a insightful conversation with family law expert Siobhan Mullins, author of "The Guy's Guide to Separation and Divorce." Siobhan shares her journey as a family lawyer and her shift to supporting couples in preparing separation agreements. The focus of her book, The Guy's Guide to Separation and Divorce, is on aiding men through the emotional and practical challenges of separation. Nikki and Siobhan discuss -  Debunking the 50/50 myth. Understanding "Best Interests of the Child". Practical Parenting Arrangements. Communication and Co-Parenting. The most common questions asked my men going through separation.  Siobhan's to three tips for men going thorugh separation.  The Divorce and Separation Podcast offers valuable insights and practical tips for individuals navigating the challenges of separation, making it a resourceful guide for those seeking support during this emotional journey. Host: Nikki Parkinson, TEDx Speaker, Divorce Doula, Coach and Founder of The Divorce and Separation Hub. Connect with Nikki Parkinson here Website Instagram Facebook Linkedin Join our Divorce and Separation community HERE. Watch Nikki's TEDx Talk HERE. Guest: Siobhan Mullins Connect with Siobhan Mullins here Website Instagram Linkedin Facebook Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.

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