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The Immersive Classroom | Jaime Donally

• 61 min

Friends, we have an awesome pod for you today! Mike and Glen debate our least favorite Educational Jargon, discuss why women representation in University esports is still very low and our guest this week is Educator and Author Jaime Donally. Guest: Jaime Donally Our guest has spent more than a decade at the classroom and district levels thinking about how educators can practically use augmented, virtual, and mixed realities. In her current role as an independent education consultant, she provides professional development on immersive technology to districts and at conferences. She also runs a weekly Twitter chat about AR and VR in education. She’s the author of the book Learning Transported, which aims to tackle the fears and hurdles of immersive reality integration and get teachers on board with successful implementation and the upcoming book “The Immersive Classroom”Jaime on Twitter: THE BOOK!: Notes:ASK FOR STICKERS: ESports Women Representation still very lowWhat are your least favorite Educational Jargon/Things people say: Jargon Generator: OnEducation is now on YouTube! Subscribe to the channel and listen to prior episodes as they are released!: on Twitch: on Twitch: on Twitch: Today's podcast is brought to you by: Participate: The presenting sponsor of OnEducation is Participate. The Sandbox is creating a learning ecosystem where educators can learn in weekly streams, bring ideas into their classrooms, collaborate with other educators and become Sandbox ambassadors. Join the community to learn more at

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