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Fun, happy things. | Dan Ryder

• 66 min

Friends, we have an awesome pod for you today! Mike and Brad talk about how we make education the frontier of experimentation (and why we might want to do that), about some real role models you can show your students tomorrow and our guest this episode is educator and author Dan Ryder. Guest: Dan Ryder Our guest is an award-winning educator, a self-professed comic book, movie, sports, music, comedy, design, history, technology, clothing and pop culture NERD, the co-author of “intention: critical creativity in the classroom” and Learning Facilitator at Overman Academy. This conversation is incredibly overdue. Dan on Twitter:'s Website: Notes: ASK FOR STICKERS: Today's podcast is brought to you by: Participate: The presenting sponsor of OnEducation is Participate. The Sandbox is creating a learning ecosystem where educators can learn in weekly streams, bring ideas into their classrooms, collaborate with other educators and become Sandbox ambassadors. Join the community to learn more at

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