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Inclusive Learning 365 | Chris Bugaj, Karen Janowski, Mike Marotta, and Beth Poss

• 53 min

Friends, we have an awesome pod for you today! Mike and Brad talk about travel plans coming up, games and videos worth checking out, and our guests today are the FOUR authors of Inclusive Learning 365. Guest: The Authors of Inclusive Learning 365 Our guests this week - FOUR OF THEM! - are the authors of Inclusive Learning 365: EdTech Strategies for Every Day of the Year. Published by ISTE, this book has amazing ideas for how to design meaningful, inclusive instruction - 365 of them in fact! Welcome to the podcast Chris Bugaj (boo-gay), Karen Janowski, Mike Marotta, and Beth Poss! BUY THE BOOK!: Chris on Twitter: on Twitter: on Twitter: on Twitter: Notes: If Zoom Meetings were Real:, football, footballGames are becoming a universal languagePaper’s new video games slack channel grew instantly to 40+ peopleSpider-Man: No Way Home Teaser!!!! ASK FOR STICKERS: Today's podcast is brought to you by: Participate: The presenting sponsor of OnEducation is Participate. The Sandbox is creating a learning ecosystem where educators can learn in weekly streams, bring ideas into their classrooms, collaborate with other educators and become Sandbox ambassadors. Join the community to learn more at

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