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The Maker Playbook | Caroline Haebig

• 55 min

Friends, we have an awesome pod for you today! Mike and Brad catch up after a few weeks off, make some book recommendations, we talk about limiting your work hours, and our guest today is the author of The Maker Playbook, Caroline Haebig. Guest: Caroline Haebig Our guest is a professional learning consultant for teachers, instructional coaches and administrators helping districts prepare for 1:1 and to develop inclusive maker learning practices. She’s an Apple Distinguished Educator, A Google Certified Innovator and a recipient of the ISTE Outstanding Young Educator Award. She’s also the author of The Maker Playbook: A guide to Creating Inclusive Learning Experiences - out now from ISTE. BUY THE BOOK!: ( Caroline on Twitter: ( Notes: ASK FOR STICKERS: ( Today's podcast is brought to you by: Participate: The presenting sponsor of OnEducation is Participate. The Sandbox is creating a learning ecosystem where educators can learn in weekly streams, bring ideas into their classrooms, collaborate with other educators and become Sandbox ambassadors. Join the community to learn more at (

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