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"EduCelebrities" | GoGuardian's Tyler Shaddix

• 65 min

In this episode Mike and Glen discuss whether educelebrities are doing more harm than good, talk about why we should suspend K12 testing now, and our guest this week is the Chief Product Officer at GoGuardian Tyler Shaddix. Guest: GoGuardian's Tyler Shaddix It goes without saying that the world is an entirely different place than it was just 8 weeks ago. We’re teaching, and our students are learning, in ways we’ve never done before - certainly not like this. On the podcast to talk about that with us this week was GoGuardian’s Chief Product Officer Tyler Shaddix.Tyler on Twitter: on Twitter: Notes:#ChatOnEducation is now LIVE on every FRIDAY at 8pm ET. Join us!OnEducation is now on YouTube! Subscribe to the channel and listen to prior episodes as they are released!: is considered to be sound instructional design for a face to face classroom isn’t recommended for online classroom environment. next years K12 testing now: doing more harm than good? on that topic….Are you the same person IRL as on Twitter Today's podcast is brought to you by: Participate: The presenting sponsor of OnEducation is Participate. Lately, teachers from all over have been working together to find new approaches to provide quality, remote education. Participate’s sister company, Participate Learning, presents: United We Teach--a global gathering place for educators to share distance-learning resources and relatable discussions as we navigate these strange times. For these resources and more, including weekly live chats, visit GoGuardian!: GoGuardian helps thousands of K-12 school districts maximize the learning potential of over 8 million students. GoGuardian's products enable productive and safe digital learning by helping educators identify learning patterns, protect students from harmful and distracting content, and support mental health. To support schools during their distance learning transition, GoGuardian is offering free access to their entire product suite until the end of the school year. To learn more about GoGuardian and download free resources about distance learning, visit their Distance Learning Resource Center at

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