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OnEducation Presents: Jordan Shapiro at #ImpactEDU19

• 53 min

OnEducation Presents is exactly what it sounds like! Anything that doesn't seem like it fits as a normal episode, and anything that isn't a "quick hit" like OnEducation Now! is an episode of OnEducation Presents. Some of the GREAT content we put out as an episode of OnEducation Presents includes:Dig It or Ditch It w/ Noah GeiselSpecial interviewsAudio recordings of speeches or sessions presented by Mike or GlenYOUR submissionsIn This Episode: In this episode of OnEducation Presents we were joined LIVE ON STAGE at Impact Education Conference by Jordan Shapiro. In the world of digital learning and games-based learning Jordan is arguably the world's leading academic. We've had him on the podcast before and are honoured to consider him a friend. This was a great conversation about the state of the world, screen time, and just trying to answer the question "are our kids screwed?" Our Guest: Jordan ShapiroTwitter: The New Childhood:

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