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IAP 275: A Delicious Revolution! John Forti on the Italian American Heirloom Garden

• 47 min

Spring seems to have arrived in many parts of the country, and for countless Italian Americans, these early days of new life mean it's time to get gardening!  In many cases, those Italian American gardens will soon be bursting with fruits and vegetables that have been passed down through generations of seed saving. But for one Italian American in particular, the lessons learned watching Nonno and Nonna save the seeds of their favorite tomatoes have led to an expertise that has made him into one of the world’s foremost authorities on heirloom gardening. A nationally recognized garden historian, ethnobotanist, heirloom specialist, and author John Forti blows the dust off time-honored yet underused garden remedies, artisanal foods, and horticultural practices by enthusiastically helping to preserve and promote tried and true methods that are often lost in modern lifestyles.  From touring and teaching to running his wildly popular Facebook group “The Heirloom Gardener - John Forti," he’s passing down generations of Italian wisdom and taking part in a “Delicious Revolution!” John joins us this week to share strategies and stories at just the right time, as our co-hosts are setting out to plant their own home gardens in the coming weeks, and we’re getting a lesson that will make your home garden better than ever. We’ll discuss what heirloom plants mean to our body, mind, soul and health, and how reviving these traditional varietals and methods impacts not only our lives but our lived environment as well. It's the perfect conversation to inspire you to get out of the house after a long winter and get your hands, and some family heirloom seeds, into the dirt so that you and your famiglia can enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of a labor of love! --- Support this podcast:

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