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1032 Knowing the Teams - John 15:20

• 5 min

Do you ever get surprised by the things other people do?   Remember what I told you, ‘A slave is not greater than his master.’ If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you. If they obeyed my word, they will obey yours too. John 15:20 NET   In this verse and this section of John 15, Jesus is very black and white. He can be. He's God. Fortunately for us, we're not God. We can't handle our own job, much less God's job. Jesus is giving us a statement about the people who don't follow and obey Jesus. Unfortunately, I still fall short enough that I might even be mistaken as someone who doesn't follow Jesus either.   I don't think we need to act like we know. I want to be humble and open to the evidence I see in someone's life. At the same time, I want to listen to the Holy Spirit. But fortunately, since I consider the definition of "ministry" to be "helping everyone move one notch closer to Jesus;" I don't have to act differently around anyone. Jesus calls us to love others, even those who don't love us back. He asks us to represent him in the world. The people who persecute us, or who take issue with us or with our faith are also the kinds of people who took issue with Jesus.   I read this more as an encouragement. Whatever we go through while we're loving people is something Jesus experienced and he knows what we feel.   Today, even if people let you down, love them. Even if they don't like Jesus love them. You don't have to force your methods on them. Find a way to love them asking God and trust ing him, too.   Remember, what we do because we follow Jesus matters forever.   Also, please remember we have three weeks left in our matching gift. At the time of this recording we still have over $18000 that will be matched dollar for dollar. Would you help us reach that goal? Please head over to and click the donate button to help us make it. Thanks very much.  

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