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1027 Being a Friend of Jesus - John 15:14

• 4 min

Are we friends of Jesus?   "You are My friends if you do what I command you." John 15:14   Jesus is speaking and he's calling the disciples his friends. He's telling all of us that if we obey his commands, we are his friends. What command is he talking about? Probably the one he talked about 2 verses before, that we love one another just as he loved us.   Are we friends of Jesus? If so, we do what he says? Can you ask yourself today where you can be more loving? Maybe a better question is, "How can I love this person I'm talking to or thinking about or working besides?"   What is Jesus saying? Also, listen for something that sounds like Jesus. I don't think he's going to tell you to fix the people you're praying for. He may tell you to pay for their mistake without judgment. He may tell you to find a way to give them a break. Can you give people the benefit of the doubt even if you don't agree with them?   Today, ask Jesus to to show you who he would have you befriend and love. We have a great blessing as the friends of Jesus. We also have a great opportunity.   Thank you for being a marketplace minister. Remember, everything you do because you follow Jesus matters forever. Please consider making a gift to Follower of One. We're donor supported. We have a matching gift that will expire in just a couple of weeks. Everything you give before the end of October, 2023 will be doubled. Your gift will make a huge difference helping us with this podcast and helping us mobilize Christ-followers. Thanks for considering an investment in Follower of One so we can help more grow as friends of Jesus.

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