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Faith Integrated Organizational Development with Sondra Calhoun - Episode #158

• 19 min

In this episode of the Follower of One podcast, Mike Henry Sr. interviews Sondra Calhoun, a leadership consultant from Strata Consulting. Sondra shares her journey into the consulting world, the role of her faith, and how she helps leaders grow and develop. Today's Guest... Sondra Calhoun is a certified executive coach and organizational development consultant. In her 25 years of professional experience, she has led organizations through growth cycles, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, implementing new processes, and engaging employees.   Sondra is the founder of Strada Consulting, an organization that helps leaders and organizations unlock, execute, and deliver on behaviors that lead to success. In this Episode How Sondra Got Started(1:05) Sondra's career began in training and development within large organizations, offering valuable learning experiences and mentorship. Sondra pursued coaching training to address the challenge of workshop participants not translating knowledge into practical growth, eventually creating a coaching role within T-Mobile. Faith Journey(4:45): Sondra's faith journey began in childhood, witnessing her parents' transformative experience with faith, which strengthened their family. Coaching and Consulting(5:54): Sondra provides one-on-one and team coaching, helping leaders align their values with their leadership approach, emphasizing holistic integration of faith. Challenges in Leadership(7:54): Mike and Sondra acknowledge that leadership can be difficult, particularly in environments that downplay faith. Prayer in Leadership(14:12): Sondra starts her day with prayer, seeking wisdom, guidance, insights during conversations with others. Marketplace Mission Trip Experience(14:48): Sondra participated in a marketplace mission trip with Follower of One, appreciating its practical, engaging content and the importance of community and prayer support for believers in the workplace. Resources & People Mentioned Follow Sondra Calhoun Connect on LinkedIn Connect With Follower Of One Join us over in our Online Community, get social with us; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Listen to our podcast on your way to work and subscribe using your favorite podcast app!

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