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822 Receive the Word Implanted - James 1:21

• 5 min

How much does the Word of God invade your mind and your life?   James tells us to receive the word implanted in us. How do we do that? Well, it begins with turning away from filthiness and evil or wickedness. These things are evil, dark, negative. It seems like more and more of our world is getting dark and selfish.   Then he says, "in humility receive the word implanted." Humility is required. We have to search for an answer that isn't ours. I'm so quick to jump to my own conclusions. Can we let the Bible transform us? Humility is required to let the word of God change us. If we hang on to what we think, instead of searching out what the Bible says, we'll never get the word.   And when we get it, we need to allow it to be implanted in us. I think that's the equivalent of having the word of God penetrate us "to the bone."   Do you memorize scripture? That's one way to have the word of God implanted in you. Let's focus on a memory verse. Or spend time recalling one you've already memorized. Let God transform you and soak you in his word until it penetrates you to the bone.   Also, please consider a gift to Follower of One. We're a donor supported ministry. As we record this, we have a partner who has given us a $50,000 matching commitment. New contributions over our regular giving will be matched dollar for dollar. Head over to our website and invest in our ministry. Your gift will be doubled to help Christians grow in their ability to live their faith every day.  

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