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'A catalogue of tragedies': the Shrewsbury maternity scandal

• 21 min

It’s the largest maternity scandal in NHS history, hundreds of babies and some of their mothers could or would have survived had they not been failed. A landmark review into the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust has revealed, “a catalogue of tragedies”, according to the senior midwife, Donna Ockendon, who led the review. The Ockenden review has revealed a toxic culture, a lack of compassion and a failure to listen to mothers and their needs at maternity services at one of England's NHS trusts. Today, Minnie Stephenson speaks to our Health and Social Care Editor Victoria Macdonald about what this report uncovered and asks whether the public can have faith in maternity services across England.  A warning, this podcast contains testimony that listeners may find distressing. And if you are affected by any of the issues in this report, go to where you can find a range of places to seek information and help. Produced by: Rachel Evans   

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