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Ukraine: how winter could change the war

• 33 min

After 10 months of war, Russian advances and Ukrainian counter-offensives, winter weather has arrived in Ukraine. Russia may have retreated from Kherson in early November but Russia’s attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure over the last month signal a new phase of the war, as Putin weaponises the cold weather. So as parts of Ukraine plunge into sub-zero temperatures and pressure mounts on Putin to negotiate, how might this war evolve as we enter the winter months? In today’s episode of the Fourcast, we speak to our international editor Lindsey Hilsum - who is currently on her fifth trip to Ukraine since the war began - about what it’s like to be in the muddy trenches with Ukrainian soldiers, Russia’s culture war against Ukraine and if we can expect the war to slow down in the coming months. Sources: AP Producer: Freya Pickford

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