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Greta Thunberg interview: is there hope for the future of our planet?

• 28 min

Has anything really changed since COP26? In the year that Russia invaded Ukraine, triggering a global energy crisis, we’ve also seen the drastic impact climate change is having on our planet: with catastrophic flooding in Pakistan, a megadrought in the US and record-breaking heat waves across Europe.  With COP27 fast approaching; diplomats from across the world will gather once again to try and get global warming under control. Including Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who after saying he’d be a no-show, U-turned to say he would attend after all. But as the global heavyweight gather can we expect real change to take place as a result?  In today’s episode of the Fourcast we bring you an extended interview with one of the world’s most famous environmental activists, teenager Greta Thunberg. She spoke with Channel 4 News presenter, Jackie Long, about the release of her new book, The Climate Book.  She also talks about COP27 and why she feels hopeful about the fight against climate change. And how, above all else, now is the time not to become complacent in making change happen.  Produced by: Freya Pickford

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