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Is this the end of Trump's presidential run?

• 27 min

Donald Trump has arguably done it all in his 76 years, and as president he’s secured a lot of firsts. But never has he been under arrest. The 45th president of the United States stands accused of falsifying business records in order to cover up payments he made to suppress news stories he believed would hinder his bid to become president in 2016. Trump pleaded not guilty and later left New York to fly back home to Mar-a-Lago in Florida, to deliver a defiant rally to his supporters. He was told by the judge to not do anything, yet he continues to rail against the system. In today’s episode we speak to presenter Matt Frei who has been in downtown Manhattan for the past few days, soaking up the history and scandal, and ask whether this is really the right first case to bring against the former president - and whether it may just embolden him even more. Producer: Freya Pickford Sources: AP

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