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Nikki Parkinson



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A Recipe for Healing: Charlotte Ree's Divorce Journey

• 25 min

In this episode, author Charlotte Ree joins Nikki to talk about her divorce and self-discovery journey. Charlotte's memoir, Heartbake, is part recipe book and shares her experiences of separation, divorce and finding happiness. She describes how she moved into her new home and then entered lockdown. Food soon became Charlottes’ social saviour, and pathway back to herself, one small ingredient at a time. After getting divorced before the age of 30, Charlotte was able to rediscover herself and find her happiness. She shares how the lockdown forced her to confront herself and process her emotions. Despite experiencing indecision and insecurity, Charlotte reminds us that we can always reinvent ourselves and find brightness again. Charlotte beautifully reveals how cooking and making time-intensive meals show how much you care for someone. Her new cookbook is full of personal stories and recipe treasures.  Plus, her “better than sex Tiramisu” recipe is one I’ll think you’ll love! Host: Nikki Parkinson, TEDx Speaker, Divorce Doula, Coach and Founder of The Divorce and Separation Hub. Connect with Nikki Parkinson here Website Instagram Facebook Linkedin Guest: Charlotte Ree Connect with Charlotte Ree here Website Instagram Buy Heartbake book HERE. Join our Divorce and Separation community HERE. Watch Nikki's TEDx Talk HERE. Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.

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