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A Divorce Story: Love, loss and playlists with Bec Chappell

• 26 min

Nikki Parkinson speaks to Bec Chappell, passionate communicator, Marketing Strategist extraordinaire, and lover of finding solutions. This hearty chat offers spades of grace, humility and a touch of sparkly hope. The kind of hope that we have all wished (or wishing) for during a 1am meltdown.  As the pandemic rolled into our lives in early 2020, Bec was facing the biggest year of loss, and later liberation, that could have once floored her. One night, Bec’s now ex, turned to her and said, “I don’t want to be together”. Her response was brave and true, “I am not going to force you to love me”.  During this time, Bec lost her job and was losing her marriage. In a matter of months her world came crashing down. The final blow after months of ghosting by her ex-husband; “I have feelings for someone else”. She could have given up, but instead, Bec decided to take control over her life and heart before it destroyed her any further. It's a story of hearbreak and an epic comeback. This episode is sponsored by The Separation Summit. If you are looking to separate in a better way, a healthier way, a smarter way, then The Separation Summit has been specifically designed for you. The Separation Summit is Australia’s first digital event that showcases the ways, days and stages to a kind separation. This 1-day summit invites global experts, legal advisors, and divorce survivors, to offer an informed, heart-felt and collaborative event. Taking the mess out of messy. Buy your ticket here. Connect with Bec on Instagram and Website. Join our community of like-minded people @thedivorcehub on Instagram and Facebook and LinkedIn.  Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.

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