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Nikki Parkinson



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Introducing The Divorce and Separation Podcast with Nikki Parkinson

• 6 min

Hello and welcome, I'm so glad you're here. I’m your host Nikki Parkinson, Separation Strategist, mother of three, family law expert and the creator of the Divorce and Separation Hub — a place to turn a breakup into a breakthrough. During a career spent working in family law, I saw hundreds of relationships end from the outside. Then my own marriage ended and I realised the system isn’t serving us. How can we really support ourselves through divorce or separation emotionally and practically? On this podcast, my guests and I share our thoughts and insights on how you can divorce better. It's time too separate in a more holistic and healthier way.  In this episode I share the "brief version" of my story and over time as we get to know each other I'll share with you what worked, what didn't and how I could have done it better.  This is a twice weekly podcast. Each Tuesday we bring you clear and practical tips on topics to have a happier healthier divorce. Each Thursday join me in conversation with our guest; we talk to national and international experts in their fields and brave men and women who share their divorce story.  Join our community of like-minded people @thedivorcehub on Instagram and Facebook. Host: Nikki Parkinson. Executive Producer and Editor: Tiffany Richmond. You can contact Tiffany via her website and on Instagram @tiff__richmond.

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