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348: How Common Nutrient Deficiencies Can Drive Disease and Shorten Your Life | Gary Brecka

• 100 min

Gary Brecka is a former life insurance analyst, human biologist, host of the Ultimate Human podcast, and co-founder of 10X Health System. 15 Daily Steps to Lose Weight and Prevent Disease PDF: - Get my FREE eBook now! Become a Genius Life Premium Member! Learn more: This episode is proudly sponsored by: NED’s Shuteye Chai Sleep Latte is a powerful sleep-inducing blend of adaptogens, amino acids, and magnesium, wrapped in a delish masala chai-inspired spiced body. Visit and use code GENIUS to get 15% off. Puori provides IFOS-certified, high potency fish oil to satisfy all of your pre-formed omega-3 needs! Visit and use promo code MAX to get 20% off site-wide. AG1 is my favorite multivitamin. Enjoy a free 1 year supply of vitamin D and 5 free AG1 travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to do is visit LivOn Labs are masters at liposomal encapsulation to maximize absorption of nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium threonate, glutathione and more. Right now get 1 free vitamin C box when you buy one at

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