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The wine drinking during Friday night's episode is like 2-months of therapy. This is not for the sheeple. Guest Leo Phoenix, the notable author, illustrator, artist

• 59 min

We had a blast in the studio - I was hesitant to post this episode because the wine was flowing heavily and the truth talking is evident about how people are dealing with life, overcoming struggles, persevering when things get tough, COVID19 and so much more.  Join me and my guest Leo Phoenix, the notable author of Lucy's Dream, illustrator, and paper cut pop artist who knew Stan Lee of Marvel Comics.   Leo shares some words of wisdom that he received from Stan Lee.  Lots of laughs on the mic [go figure we drank during this episode] We figured it was time to share some unseen understandings about our freedoms, the media, and so much more Follow Leo's Instagram check out his website ArtbyStudioB.com 

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