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Ex-Marine,Dr.Roman Velázquez ‘THE’ Fight-Sport Cognitive Performance Trainer: MMA Fighters & Boxing

• 48 min

😯 Get ready to learn about your noggin! The average human has 70,000 thoughts daily- Dr. Velázquez tells us so much about OUR 🧠 BRAIN - creativity, fatigue, memory, learning new skills, and so much more. 🔸he trains with MMA Fighters 🔸 the MODERN DAY Gladiator 🔸rewire your circuits 🔸 improve your memory 🔸get shit done 🔸 focus Follow him in Instagram @dr.romanvelasquez 👈🏼 - On Facebook follow him on 👉🏼 www.Facebook.com/drvxs2brainbasedleadership

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